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Belt System

IBJJF Belt System
(16 years old and up)

Belt System

Student’s progress is based on a minimum attendance of twice a week, being at least half of it Gi-BJJ classes. Gi training is a mandatory requirement for promotion.

IBJJF Belt System
(04 up to 15 years old)

Belt System for Kids

*The Black stripes represents comitted demonstrated through six months of training without missing or arriving late for any class
*The student receives one stripe per month and changes belt only if the required age is achieved. In case the student does not achieve the required age to change belts, the professor will award striped on the adult ranks: Blue, Purple, Brown)
* After receiving all possible stripes, the student remains on the belt until the required age is reached.

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    One of my life goals has always been to earn a Black Belt in a martial art, and at 39 years old I figured I better get started. UFC drew me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and its everyday practicality as a form of self-defense so I searched for a studio in my area. The week of my 39th birthday I found Gracie Barra Escondido Jiu Jitsu and Professor Magid Hage. Professor Magid made me feel welcome immediately. He lent me a gi, gave me a 30-minute introduction and then invited me to join the beginner’s class that afternoon. I was hooked…So much so that I signed my son up and recommended a neighbor try it out. He joined soon after Read more...
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